Short Observation on Southernisms

Based on my family history, I should be very southern, possibly even redneck.  I’ve been raised my entire life in the deep south, and both of my parents are from the south. Despite this, somehow I have turned out decidedly non-stereotypically southern. I understand most of Southern culture, whether I participate in/exhibit it or not. Occasionally though, it….mystifies me. I could write a very long article about this, but I’m just going to relate one recent experience that highlights it.

I was at the grocery store last week, picking up the very last supplies for college. One of the guys working there is a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile. We exchanged general pleasantries, talked about college, etc. As I was leaving, he admonished me to “be good”. Okay, I’ve heard this before, but not very often out of teenagers….and only ever in the south. I’m not really sure about the origin of this phrase. Obviously, I understood the meaning, but it’s just odd…like as a goodbye. Seems strange to me.

Anyway, that is my observation on southern-isms. There are many others, but I don’t have time for anymore right now.

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