In Which I Am Not Indie

Last week, for my birthday, my sister took me to the Indie Craft Parade! If you don’t know what indie is….I’m sorry. I can’t explain it. Use Google. I was very excited about this outing because a craft parade like this provides lots of opportunities for seeing very neat things….people, creations, styles, you name it. Oh, and also buying things! 😀 Not very many things, unfortunately. The stuff for sale tends to be wicked expensive. I could ramble about the parade for ages, so to shorten things, I will write a list of observations.

1. The setting was terrific! Despite being called a parade, it is indoors, in this really cool old mill. All brick and wood…it’s really pretty and adds lots of character.

2. The variety of people attending was huge. From guys and girls who looked a little out there to families in long denim skirts to perfectly normal people like myself 😛 it was quite a crowd.

3. Everything was overpriced. I understand that it is all handmade, and certainly, very awesome, but I am a broke college student. My sister was very gracious though, and bought me some jewelry as a birthday present. 🙂

my awesome older sister and myself!

4. Dreads are awesome. 😀 I met these two lovely ladies with some wicked sweet dreads. I sort of want to get dreads myself….but I also love my curls, so I think I will keep them.

I am kinda sad I didn’t pictures of their faces…gorgeous ladies.

All in all, I had a terrific time. It made a great birthday activity, and observing the various amounts of creativity was highly enjoyable. I strongly encourage any of you to check out any fairs or parades in your area!

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