You know what happens when you spend an hour writing a blog post, but it doesn’t save, so all your awesome ideas are completely lost? You decide to go read a book instead. Sorry y’all. Maybe in a few days I’ll work up the energy to rewrite it.

Midterms just got over, so I am using this weekend to recharge and catch up. I will be sleeping lots and lots. Tomorrow is a major dating outing, which is exciting. 🙂 Happy weekend to all of you!

Challenge for you…introverts: feed your souls. I made a choice tonight to leave a huge sporting event here on campus and read a book instead. Extroverts: be understanding of an introvert. Or go hang out with some friends or whatever you do. 😛

2 thoughts on “Wasted….

  1. Haha, totally understand. There was one post in particular that I had, that started off hilarious. Or I thought it was anyways. I tried to upload it, then it disappeared. I ended up re-writing this thing at least 3 times and everytime I got angrier and angrier until it ended up being just a huge post on how much I hated wordpress. I read back on it now, and it’s definitely funny still but not in the way I intended.

    • This wasn’t WordPress’s fault, unfortunately. I have no one to blame but myself. And it still made me furious! I still haven’t rewritten….it’s not fresh to me that way, and I hate writing when it feels like deja vu. I shall get around to it eventually, I suppose.

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