Happy thoughts

As if anyone needs something new to read about fall….here are the happy things about fall here at college!

1. The smell of crushed acorns. Does that sound weird? I actually started noticing this at home. I walk my dog a lot during the fall and there are a couple of oak trees that hang right over the road. There was always a carpet of leaves and crayon like acorn on the pavement….and it smells heavenly! Very nutty and fall-like. There just happens to be a huge oak right over the road behind my dorm here at school! Every time I walk by I just take really deep breaths and miss home. And my puppy dog. I miss him a lot.

2. Falling leaves. There are leaves all over the roads here. It has been quite windy the last several days, so they are constantly blowing around in the air. If you have read Tamora Pierce’s Beka Cooper trilogy, blowing leaves remind me of the dust spinners. I love seeing leaves swirling in the air…like a fairy dance of sorts.

3. Warm classrooms! This may sound odd….but the buildings here are all freezing. Seriously. The first couple weeks of classes, I would not leave my dorm without some sort of sweater. But when it’s cold, the classrooms and buildings are warm! Not that I like it cold…but if it has to be, that is a positive result. 🙂

What are your favorites aspects of fall?

1 thought on “Happy thoughts

  1. I definitely love the changing colors of the leaves. There are just so many trees here on campus and it’s such a different place during autumn. There are also so many chubby squirrels, it’s kind of funny. Not a week ago I put in the electric blanket that I have under my sheets. Glorious! Autumn is seriously my favorite season of the year. It just brings back so many memories…

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