I am on Thanksgiving break from college. The prospect of this break and returning home has had me very excited for the last few weeks. But being home has given me a lot to think about. Here are my observations.

1. I like my home a lot more than I thought I did. I have lived in the same house in the same small town my entire life. Traveling has always been very exciting to me. And I have always assumed that I would move far away after college. I still enjoy traveling, but there is definite joy in returning to the familiarity of home. As things stand, there is a possibility that I will be returning home after college and that does not scare me nearly as much now.

2. College has become a home to me. My roommate is constantly getting on to me when I slip up and call our room “home.” She’ll correct me and say that we’re going back to our room, not home. But here at real home, I find myself thinking “back at home….” as I say “back at school.” The only explanation I can give for this is that I enjoy school. I have settled into a routine there. Yes, this house in a small southern town will always be “home,”
but I’m getting used to college.

3. I am a different person at school. I don’t feel like I have changed so drastically, but I take on a very different persona at school, where I am responsible for myself and everything I have to get done. Here at home, it is easy to slip back into lazy/bad habits from before. Honestly, it makes me a bit nervous to come home for a significant period of time. Thanksgiving break is only a few days. Christmas will be a month and then summer will be three months. I am still not positive how I will deal with that.

Guys, what are your observations on this? How do you adjust to this weird dynamic that college causes?

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