Professional Student

Is it too soon to say that I might love college? Don’t get me wrong, people. I’m not crazy. I have no affection for getting up early, having tons of projects due, or living in a dorm. But I do love learning. About anything and everything. College has been an amazing way to do exactly that. Over Christmas break, as I prepared for my new classes, I found myself enthralled with the idea of being able to learn so much.

But there’s a problem. I’m an English major. I love literature and words and writing, so I think this is a good fit for me. But that major doesn’t allow for dabbling in piano, psychology, business, speech, theater, journalism, cello, and whatever else happens to pop into my head. My (brilliant) brother-in-law thinks I should be a humanities major (he’s a little biased), but I love English, so I have no intent to switch.

The best solution I’ve been able to come up with is dabbling in what I find important right now, and saving the rest for later. I can always take classes outside of my college degree, or I can put my reading and researching skills to use and learn on my own. Being a professional student doesn’t seem like it will work out as a career plan (unfortunately), but I intend to learn as much as possible every day for the rest of my life.

4 thoughts on “Professional Student

  1. I agree with your brother-in-law: Humanities is a great major. He sounds like an interesting person, btw — you should introduce us sometime! ; )

  2. Ah, as someone who is (hopefully) attending college this upcoming fall your post excites me – it sounds like you’re having a blast despite some of the negatives. I want to major in English as well… does your school not allow you to double major?

    • Oh, I wish you luck! Really, it is a great experience. Definitely a challenge, but there are so many ways to grow and experience new things when you’re in college. My school does allow double majors, and I have considered doing that, but there are a few drawbacks for me. One, I can’t really narrow it down to one other thing I would major in. Two, I’m trying to complete my degree in 3 years, which is an accelerated pace. I don’t think I would be able to do that with a double major. I do enjoy my major very much and I’m sure at some point I will be able to get into some of the various other interests I have.

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