The Best Thing About College

I’ve talked about a couple of things I like about college – the learning, new experiences, a wide variety people for watching. Based on my long experience in school, I have formed an expert opinion on the best thing about college. 😉

Friends are the best thing about a college experience. Now maybe this is just me, because this also probably true of most high schools, I just happen to have missed that. Being at college, surrounded by people who have at least a few things in common with me, if not many more, has been awesome! At home, I don’t have very many friends. That’s the plain truth of it. Obviously, I have friends from my church, from my homeschool group, a few from work, etc. But not many that I would consider very close friends, people with whom I share great memories. Here at school, I have a group of really spectacular friends and I cherish all the memories of time with them. There is always someone around…for studying, for meals, for having fun, even shoulders to cry on.

I found this especially important to realize because I am prone to shutting people out so that I can reach a goal. I’m very serious about the academic side of college, so I’m often tempted to stay in my dorm room every night and study the whole time. Obviously, my grades are important, but I have to find a balance between studying enough and socializing. Right now, I think the balance is working. And I have been reminded every day this week just how much I need my friends.

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