Finals Week update

Quick update: I am smack dab in the middle of my finals week (started Saturday, which was horrible). So far it is going splendiforically and given my current laissez-faire approach to studying, that’s a VERY good thing! No fever or hospital stay yet (did I tell you guys that story about last semester’s finals? No? *Puts on to-do list of posts*) and so far no late nights studying. I’m not kidding guys! It’s finals week and I’ve gotten as much sleep as I do any other week of school! The only sad thing is that I need to start packing and cleaning and I don’t want to. Packing is sad and makes things look barren….anywho, I have 4 more finals and then my freshman year of college will be finished! Woohoo!!!

Other college students, are you surviving finals week?

(Yes, it’s very possible that this post was the result of procrastinating from studying. Don’t judge!)

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