Romance vs. Reality: Facebook

Do you ever wish you could give people a reality check? Really high on my list of said people would be Facebook couples. You know the ones I’m talking about. So, things I would tell them, if I could.

1. Literally no one cares about the 67 billion nearly identical and/or “cool” couple photos you post. Except maybe your mother/grandmother.

2. Nobody wants to read daily mushy statuses. We get it. You’re “happy”. You have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Now please shut up and stop telling us.

3. Private messages. Text messages. Email. Phone calls. There are a million other ways to tell them any of those things you posted on your significant other’s wall. Ways that will not trigger my vomit reflex.

4. Speaking of posts on walls – if you insist on posting about your separation anxiety (for the 50 minutes your bf/gf is in class), I will judge you. Not sorry.

5. If you insist on posting about your separation anxiety over the summer, I will laugh scornfully at your pain and refer you to my friends whose spouses are on duty overseas.

There it is. 5 things I would tell Facebook couples if I could. In case you’re wondering, this is not single bitterness either – I am happy in a relationship and I choose not to sicken my Facebook friends with it. And yes, I realize that I can hide/unfriend them and I do take those steps. But don’t you ever just want to tell people how it is???

/End rant. What do you guys think about relationships and social media? I barely scratched the surface here!

4 thoughts on “Romance vs. Reality: Facebook

  1. While I don’t mind the couple that posts a cute picture every now and then – I mean, Facebook is all about sharing parts of yourself, whether it be photos of you and your friends/family, or aspects of politics you are about etc. – you’re right that the people who are ostentatious about it can be troublesome. I feel like in some ways those who are in the relationship for social recognition tend to publicize their relationships on Facebook more than those who really care about one another, though that observation may be based just on personal experience and some basic psychology. But, yeah, basically, everything in moderation. Great post, I’ve been looking forward to it – and whatever you will be writing next!

    • You are completely right about the difference in public vs. non-public relationships. I think mostly it’s probably indicative of maturity – if you’re mature, you probably know better than to annoy all of your Facebook friends with over-the-top reminders of your relationship. And if you’re mature, you probably have a more stable relationship. I will admit, when I see people do what I described, I immediately question the seriousness of their relationship. Like anyone, I understand that sometimes you want to be mushy. I want to be mushy sometimes! But please, use a bit of common sense.

      I’m glad to know that there others who are annoyed by the same things I am. 🙂 It makes me feel like I’m being somewhat less judgmental!

    • Same here! And I’m at that age where it seems like all of my friends are broadcasting either their relationship or lack thereof. Facebook couple stuff has nearly ruined a few real-life friendships for me. Glad to hear someone else agrees with me. 😀

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