Night-time musings on silence and solitude

Nighttime walks back from work are becoming my favorite time of day. At night, campus is quiet. The sidewalks are empty. The flags are snapping in the wind. The sky is clear, moon bright. I know there are people nearby – I can hear the girls laughing and the low murmurs of couples. They aren’t near me though. It feels like campus belongs to me. It is freeing. I don’t have to smile at acquaintances or say hi to friends. No weaving through crowds. No self-consciousness. No awareness – I can get lost in my own head. School has never felt so much like home as it does at night, in silence, surrounded by the never sky.

1 thought on “Night-time musings on silence and solitude

  1. Love the imagery in this post and how I can relate to it so well. I’ve started taking late night jogs and the campus is absolutely serene after a certain time. Like you said I can just get lost in my head and appreciate all of the beauty around me. Glad you’ve found a time for when school feels like home for you!

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