In Which We Discuss Chipmunks

Do you have chipmunks where you live? I did not have them at home. I saw a grand total of one (1) chipmunk in my 20 years at home. Thankfully, there are lots of chipmunks at school. 😀

My first year at school, I hardly ever saw the chipmunks. I had heard they were here, but all I ever saw were squirrels (millions of them, all demon-possessed, but that’s a different story). Once a month or so, I would catch a glimpse of a chipmunk and it always made my day. Near the end of the year, I started to get better at spotting them. This year, hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a chipmunk. 🙂 Two reasons for the difference:

1. I have learned where they live. A few specific stretches of brush seem to be home to quite a few of them. (Those areas now happen to be right in my route to work. Imagine that!)

2. I learned to see them. Every time I hear something rustle and don’t immediately see a squirrel, I get still and start watching for a tiny brown body underneath the leaves.

Next question: why do I like chipmunks? Better question: What’s NOT to like???? They are adorable. Seriously. Have you seen them? They’re tiny and fluffy and they have this cute stripe pattern. And those things are fast! They are normally a little brown blur shooting across the sidewalk. And they stick their little tails up in the air when they run! Look it up on Youtube. I’m sure someone has a video of them. Also, I want to be this guy:


Hopefully this has brightened your day. If you have chipmunks in your area, look for them! And feel free to share your stories about them. 🙂 If you don’t have any chipmunks in your area, definitely look them up. They will make you happy, I promise. 😀

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