Book Review: Pegasus

pegasus_cover1Book: Pegasus
Author: Robin McKinley
Length: 404 pages
Genre: Fantasy

I was hooked from the moment I saw this new Robin McKinley book on the library shelf. McKinley has been a favorite of mine since elementary school. One of her early books, The Hero and the Crownis a Newberry Award winner. I’m also a major fan of The Blue Sword, Beauty, and Outlaws of Sherwood. However, it’s been a very long time since I read those.

But I saw a new McKinley book of the library shelf and it caught my eye. Partly because it was McKinley, as I’ve explained, but also because of the title. Pegasus. I’m a sucker for fairytales, legends, mythologies, anything in the realm of lore. It did not disappoint.

The story is told (3rd person limited) by Sylvi, a human princess who is bonded to a pegasus. The pegasi are handled beautifully. They are a bit like Tolkien’s elves, honestly – gorgeous, distant, peaceful, nature-dwelling supermodels. Except they don’t act like that, of course. Sylvi’s bonding causes a court uproar, they change history, and she has to deal with being a short person in a very big world (which I totally sympathize with).

FAIR WARNING: The book just stops. That’s intentional, of course, because she’s writing a series. Well, to be fair, more like one long story in 3 books (like Tolkien, yes). Sadly, it seems that Ebon (the rumored second book) is nowhere to be seen. It’s unclear whether that’s because she pulling a GRR Martin and taking forever to write (respect to the process, but still frustrating) or if it’s tied up in publication red tape. So if you can’t deal with hanging stories, this isn’t a book for you.

Otherwise, go read it! Pegasus is magical, real, authentic. You know that feeling when you step into a really lovely new fictional world? That breathless awe as you absorb it and then sadness when you realize it will never be new again? Pegasus delivers that awe. Sylvi’s voice is compelling and her world is fascinating.

Have you read Pegasus? Or other McKinley books? Have great fantasy/mythology suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Pegasus

    • It is frustrating, although I found that, in this case, I loved the world so much that I haven’t minded not being able to carry on the story. It is certainly sad, however!

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