Lyse Links: Research on body language, loneliness, literacy, and busyness

A round-up of interesting articles from my week!

  • Your body language shapes who you are. Amy Cuddy argues that using power moves — standing arms akimbo, stretching out, etc — can actually make you feel more confident and powerful. I don’t necessarily disagree with her idea, but I struggle with society’s perception of power. Many of the behaviors she describes just seem obnoxious to me, not powerful. Nonetheless, I’m not above pulling the same moves when I feel like I need to.
  • Why Lonely People Stay Lonely – apparently lonely people are every bit as good at reading social cues as anyone else, but they get too nervous to make a good impression. It’s a not a horrible theory.
  • My generation is addicted to busyness – this article clicked with me. I have a tendency to pile things on my schedule until I busy every minute of the day. It’s a bad habit.
  • Can spacing increase literacy? Since I don’t struggle with literacy and I love proofreading, this concept was a bit difficult for me to buy. In theory, the idea of helping people read in phrases makes sense, but I would love to see concrete stats on the actual usefulness.

Read anything interesting this week? I’d love to see it in the comments!

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