Book Review: The True Bride and the Shoemaker

true bride
Title: The True Bride and the Shoemaker
Author: L. Palmer
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Pippington Tales, Volume 1

A few weeks ago I had the joy of reading a book by another blogger, the awesome L. Palmer. I read True Bride partially because a blogger I follow wrote it, but also because I’m a total sucker for adapting well-known tales. So here we go!

Plot Summary

I usually write my own plot summaries, but it’s my least favorite thing to do, so:

“There is magic in the streets of Pippington, but most people are too busy to notice.

Shoemaker Peter Talbot needs a little magic. Cheap, factory made, shoes are putting him out of business, his nagging sisters will never let him rest, and his efforts to find true love are constantly thwarted by worldly fickleness. However, the gift of a wild primrose and a shipment of rare griffin skin are about to change everything. When beautiful handmade shoes begin appearing in his shop every morning, Peter is determined to find the source.”



Palmer does a great job creating a fantasy world and adapting a very old tale. The novel is pretty short and light, an easy and enjoyable read. The plot is relatively simple, but twisted more than I anticipated, which was quite nice. Some of Peter’s awkward encounters are laugh-out-loud funny. It sounds weird to say, but True Bride was a fun read in part because it seemed so simplistic. Not simplistic in a bad way, but also not convoluted or filled with political significance or horrible events. (Which might mean that I really needed a break from the darkness of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.)


It was short and somewhat simplistic. I love books with some substance, so I’m glad I happened upon this one while I was in the right mood for something short and fun.

The world develops slowly; it took me most of the book to really feel the setting correctly.

It’s a feel-good book. If you want something filled with angst and trauma, this is not your read. Although it might be the read you need. 😉

Frankly, most of the potential cons will likely be outweighed by the future books in the series. Oh yes. This is only the first book in a series! And I am looking forward to seeing what Palmer does in developing her world and characters.

True Bride is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Probably also other places, but those two are my go-to’s.


If you’re into fantasy or adapting fairytales/myths/legends, you should definitely check out this book. If you need a pick-me-up, also a good book. And if you start now, you can jump the bandwagon before it becomes wildly popular!

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