How to Do Something Impossible

You might have noticed I’ve been gone for a few weeks. Or you might not have. Heartless readers.

Reason for absence, short version: I had to find and take a 3-credit class in 2 weeks. As in, finishing my bachelor’s degree and starting my master’s degree and having a job at my university depended upon me doing this. Scary stuff.

And pretty much everyone told me it was impossible. But today, exactly 10 days after starting the coursework, I took my final and passed the class.

Your impossible thing might not be classwork. But I pulled a few principles from my experience that I think are far-reaching. Here you go!

How to Do Something Impossible

  • Do your research. Often, when someone thinks something is impossible, it’s just because they don’t know. No one else will go out of their way to find the solution for you or to make something remarkable happen. You have to do your own research and discover that something “impossible” might actually be doable.
  • Ask hard questions/Don’t back down. If you have to deal with other people in order to make your impossible thing happen (quite likely), don’t let them discourage you. In my case, it was an office employee who told me repeatedly that what I wanted to do wasn’t possible. When I finally demanded that she ignore my part in it (which is what she clearly considered unlikely) and tell me if her department or the structure of the course would slow me down, she backed off and referred me to the professor (who was all for it).
    • a side point: you don’t have to explain. I used to feel that explaining my entire situation was necessary. Now I just repeat my very specific questions until I get real answers instead of opinions.
  • Do what you have to do. Impossible things are often short lived (different from hard things – they can stretch for years and years). Taking this class required a dedicated study spot, late nights, early mornings, almost no recreational time, and eating fast food for a week (because no time to cook). That was ok because it was only for a week.
  • Have a realistic understanding of your abilities. This is really the difference between something others consider impossible but you know to be possible for you. They don’t know what you can do. Evaluate your fortitude and skills, budget your time appropriately, and make things happen.

Impossible Things Are Good

Most of us would rather avoid impossible things. And while they may be difficult in the moment, completing an impossible task makes you feel so accomplished. It provides the push you need to try hard things again. And it reminds you how nice and calm life is normally. 😉

So what impossible things have you tried? I’d love to hear your stories!

4 thoughts on “How to Do Something Impossible

  1. This last year, I finished self-publishing my novel while doing my first year of grad school. I don’t recommend doing both at the same time, and I’m not sure how I did both.

    • Having just started my first year of grad school, I can imagine how crazy that must have been! I’m glad you tried it though, because your first novel is fabulous.

      Did you find that the experience was thrilling to complete? Or would you never ever want to do that again?

      • Well, I’m planning on working on book 2 during year 2 – It’s more a matter of just getting things done bit by bit.
        Though, my entire life is thrilling.
        And, thanks for the complements on my novel!

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