Lyse Links: Feminism, Photography, Grand Canyon, and Wikipedia

Bit busy with school, but thought I’d drop a few links to show you what I’m reading right now. I’m not even trying to theme these anymore.

  • Famous Quotes, as Women Would Have to Say Them During Meetings. I’m not a raging feminist, but it is definitely a fact that people expect women to be nicer than men, especially in work settings. Similarly, see Elle’s video cutting men out of major meetings between leaders.
  • Removed, a photography project about technology and relationships. This tied into some of my reading recently and I’m hoping to vlog about it soon.
  • Why we don’t actually see the Grand Canyon. Actually, I haven’t read this one yet, but I skimmed and it looks good. Read it with me and we can chat in the comments!
  • The Most Prolific Wikipedia Editor. Haven’t read this one either, but Wikipedia is awesome and you should edit. My time on Wikipedia was one of the best Internet experiences ever (followed closely by blogging and Buffer Slack community).
  • I started a Twitter account! I talk about books, and cool articles, and sometimes random spiders. You should join me and we can have Internet shenanigans.

What are you reading? What did you think of these articles? Talk to me in the comments!

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