Exciting Announcement!

Guys. I started Youtube channel. In theory, this requires less time than writing a blog. In theory, I will create new content for both mediums. In reality, I’m a grad student with a full-time job. I’m just happy if I get 8 hours of sleep and don’t lose my mind.

But really. I’m trying to talk a lot more about books and share the awesome stuff I’m reading (online and off) with you all and more people. To that end, I’ve started a Youtube channel and joined Twitter. I would be incredibly grateful if you subscribe/follow/show me some love.

The Why/What You’ll See

I really want all of these mediums to be helpful and entertaining to you guys. I absorb a broad range of content and I’ll be splitting that between these three mediums. This blog will remain my most diverse channel, featuring book-themed posts, but also think-y, link-filled, poetry-themed stuff too. My Youtube channel is all about books. And Twitter is basically random (but mostly book-themed). I try not to spam any of the channels with too much content from the others, so I promise that you will not see the same content flooding all 3 mediums, should you choose to follow them all.

Is She Schizophrenic?

Finally, the name. Although I go by Lyse here, both Youtube and Twitter are branded as Belle. I came to Youtube through my husband’s channel, where I was already known as Belle, so that just stuck. Hope it’s not too confusing. 🙂

I’d love to hear your input about what you’re interested in seeing (on any of the channels) and what you think of the content I’ve put out recently.

The end. 🙂

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