Lyse Links: Let’s talk about books!

As an avid reader, I’m drawn to a lot of articles about books, writing, and the future of bookstores. Here are my recent favorites.

  • Print book sales are on the rise! I was never a huge fan of ebooks, so I’m glad to hear that print books aren’t quite dead yet.
  • Related: Bookstores don’t have to die. Interesting article about why Barnes & Noble is failing but Waterstones is on the rise. I don’t want to hash it out here, but suffice to say, I think the author is right. If you have lots of feelings about it, please discuss in the comments!
  • The efficacy of self-help books. I use books for counsel, religion, entertainment, education, and preparing for life changes. Why wouldn’t I use them for therapy?
  • Iterating Grace, a vicious satire without an author. The creativity behind the release of this book is amazing. I’m working on finding and reading it out of sheer curiosity and support for the brilliance of the author(s). I will be simultaneously impressed and super ticked if it turns out to be a publicity stunt.
  • Write like you talk, an article that is both correct and also incredibly dangerous. As nice as clear writing is, 1. that’s not the same as writing like you talk, and 2. we would miss out on some really gorgeous and creative wordplay if everyone wrote that way.

What are you reading about books? How do you feel about the future of books/bookstores/writing? Tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Lyse Links: Let’s talk about books!

  1. Inevitably, print books are going to become taboo. Reading books on tech will become the norm. People will continue to write, no matter how their writing is presented.

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