Attempting to like the cold

I don’t like cold weather. Any cold weather. I’m a complete wimp about it. I grew up in the deep, deep south of the United States, where Christmas is regularly celebrated in 80 degrees.

I still live in the south, but not south enough, so now it’s cold and I’m not happy.

But I’m trying to practice gratitude. So here are the things I do like about the cold.

  • clear skies and bright stars
  • the smell of smoke on the wind
  • cozy cuddles
  • jeans and boots
  • bright scarves
  • hot food
  • no mosquitos
  • no cockroaches
  • no spiders
  • fires
  • not sweating through my clothes

I don’t like any of those things nearly as much as I like hot sunshine and bare feet and long days and actually enjoying the outside, but I’m trying.

What is your list?


3 thoughts on “Attempting to like the cold

  1. Wow, Christmas in 80 degree weather – it must be scorching in the summer then, right? Inspired by your attempt to practice gratitude despite the weather conditions. I have always lived in the middle-ish of the US by a coast, so I’m accustomed to varying weather, though the cold brings interesting setbacks in terms of having to bundle up (not a fan of layers) and people’s moods (because they tend to slip a little as it gets darker, I think). Hope your transition into 2016 has been solid.

    • It is scorching in the summer–often high 90’s (or 100) from May to September, generally with 95% humidity. But I love it 🙂

      My moods definitely slip as it gets darker (and colder), but I’ve decided that being miserable for a quarter of the year is unsustainable. My 2016 has started quite well! Although I haven’t made very many official resolutions, I am being more conscious of my choices and attempting to make healthier ones. Hope yours has begun well!

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