Lyse Links: Book blurbs, psycho wife, tell kids they’re lazy

Some articles I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward — How does a young husband deal with his wife’s mental instability? What does a care plan look like when a stable adult periodically “goes crazy”? And how would you begin to navigate a marriage relationship when fear of another “incident” is never far away?
  • Malcolm Gladwell Hands Out Book Blurbs Like… — Do book blurbs lose efficacy is an author writes lots of them? I don’t actually read blurbs very often, but I bought I book today just because of the people who wrote blurbs for it. I like them and  their work, so if they blurbed this guy, I’ll probably like him.
  • What You Can Accomplish Reading 25 Pages a Day — I’m more of a binge reader, but this method seems to work well for a lot of people.
  • “Most people won’t tell teenage girls (especially the together, articulate ones) that they are lazy and the quality of their work is unacceptable. And sometimes kids need to hear that, or they have no reason to step up.” How to Think, examined through a high school chess club run by a woman who isn’t afraid to challenge her students. That quote caught my attention because I think I could have used more people telling me I was lazy during school. My parents did, and I’m glad for that, but no one else did, so I didn’t pay much attention. And I’m still lazy.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments!

What did you read this week? I’d love some good recommendations!

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