Side Effects of Bibliophilism: Confusion

The side effects of much reading come out in odd ways. For example, my homework today mentioned the Musee de Cluny, at which point I laughed out loud, because, you see, Cluny the Scourge is the main villain in Redwall and so I will always associate “Cluny” with a horrible rat, not a lovely French museum.

Does your bibliophilism come out in unusual ways?


4 thoughts on “Side Effects of Bibliophilism: Confusion

  1. I read Kenilworth by Scott soon after I read The Sea-Hawk by Sabatini and both had main characters that were Tressilians of Cornwall, so I spent the entire time trying to work out a scenario where one was an ancestor of the other.., anyway, those kinds of things happen to me all the time, too.

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