Lyse Links: Ice Cream diet, going offline, child prodigies, religion won’t die

I missed this post last week, so lots of links for you now!

  • Starting with the happy: An ice cream diet is viable! For both gaining and losing weight. The author ended up losing weight, but he was way below his usual calorie intake.
  • Is going offline actually worth it? A lot of people advocate going offline as a way to be more productive, reduce stress, and improve relationships. This author isn’t so sure it’s a great idea. I don’t want to spoil his conclusion, but if you’re reading this post, you’ll probably find it interesting.
  • What is it like to receive an autism diagnosis as an adult? Good article if you’re interested in how people think and especially mental health varieties. (I’m in the market for a good description of being fascinated with the way people think, including when that thinking is affected by diseases, disorders, accidents, etc.)
  • Why aren’t child prodigies good creators? I’m fascinated with how people raise smart or accomplished children and I’m taking notes for the future. This article aligns with my personal preferences and experiences, so I’m biased, but what the author is arguing makes sense.
  • Perspective of an older writer. I read authors with a wide variety of ages, so it’s interesting to see an author talking about how priorities change. In a selfish way, I sometimes wish my favorite authors wouldn’t experiment or take on different projects. If I already love their work, I’m sad to see them leave a certain world or genre. But I understand that they need to stay true to principles and refine their craft. I admire that even if I as a reader don’t like it.
  • Why humans find it hard to do away with religion. Honestly? I don’t have the intellectual time or space to really dissect this article. But I think it’s a very interesting read.
  • Last and weirdest: Woman attends her own funeral to confront husband who had her killed. Yes, it’s as unbelievable as it sounds.

What have you been reading this week?

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