Lyse Links: ALL the Controversy

And since I missed another week of posts, this is also long! Enjoy the wiiiiiiiiiiiiide variety of interesting stories here!

  • The Amazing Thing We Do During Conversations – Interesting for language and communications enthusiasts. Also, explains part of why speaking a non-native language fluently is so difficult.
  • The Poor are Better Off When We Build Housing for the Rich – Just the title was enough to make me interested, but this is vital for anyone who is following arguments about gentrification.
  • What Causes Resilience? – A cool quote from this article:
    “(Indeed, Werner found that resilient individuals were far more likely to report having sources of spiritual and religious support than those who weren’t.)”
  • Your Parmesan Cheese is Wood – the title I’ve chosen is only a slight exaggeration.
  • The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens – in case you don’t know, Tumblr is the place for the geeky teens. It’s generally hilarious and often the genesis of the most popular memes. I’m always interested in people who are successful on social platforms, so this was a fascinating story for me.
  • A Compulsive Con Man – I’m fascinated by pathological deception. This guy had so many different identities that they had difficulty discovering his real name.
  • Radiolab – this is slightly different, but I’m newly obsessed with the Radiolab podcast. It’s basically long-form journalism for audio and it’s pretty fabulous.

That’s all! What do you think? What have you been reading? Let me know in the comments!



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