March Reading Recap

I didn’t recap February because I only read two books. 😦 But March was better!

As a reminder, here are some of my reading goals:

  • 150 books total.
  • 50,000 pages.
  • 40 non-fiction.
  • 10 classics.
  • 10 books translated into English (excluding those on my “classics” list).
  • 15 books outside my comfort zone.
  • 22 books off my TBR list.

This month, I read:

  • 10 books
  • 3211 pages (& 17 hours of audiobook)
  • 1 non-fiction book
  • 3 books by male authors
  • 1 book out of my comfort zone
  • 1 book from my TBR list

This was actually a really good month for reading! I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to count audiobook hours in comparison to pages, but I am still on track with page count, even minus the listening hours. I made more progress on my diversity goals than the last two months, but it’s still pretty standard…

Favorite reads:

  • Ice Like Fire, by Sara Raasch. 2nd book in a trilogy. It was, surprisingly, maybe better than the first book.
  • Robot Dreams, by Isaac Asimov. I’ve read a lot of Asimov novels and collections, but it has been a few years. I enjoyed this reminder of his brilliance.
  • Lois Lane: Fallout, by Gwenda Bond. I met Gwenda at a book fair and immediately wanted to read her YA novel about Lois Lane. It was good. [And book 2, Double Down, is coming out May 1!]
  • Summerlost, by Ally Condie. This MG novel just came out and is wonderful, beautiful, thought-provoking, and haunting. See my review.
  • The Rose Daughter, by Robin McKinley. I really, really like Beauty and the Beast stories and I really like McKinley’s writing, so I loved this book. 2 thumbs up!

I also enjoyed The Riddle (Alison Croggon) and House of Hades (Rick Riordan).

What have you been reading?

8 thoughts on “March Reading Recap

  1. You read Fallout?! I wanted to read it when it came out, but I didn’t know how the superhero genre would translate into novel-form as it’s not been done that often and I frankly was disappointed by Shannon Hale’s attempt in Dangerous. But if you liked it I might have to read it this summer!

    • Yes, I recently read Fallout and really liked it! Since it’s about teenage Lois Lane, it had less of a “superhero novel” feel (to me) than just a YA book about characters who happen to be in superhero comics universe. Does that make any sense?

      I initially struggled with the style a little–since Bond was trying to capture a teenage voice, she used a very informal tone. It took me probably 30 pages to immerse and stop tripping over awkward sentences and phrases. But her Lois Lane is a captivating character and I think she’s done a very good job hinting at the future Superman/Clark Kent relationship while still keeping the focus on Lois.

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