Lyse Links: Golden State Warriors, NPR, and podcasts

I have lots of mini-obsessions. I tend to get on a roll reading about one topic or listening to one type of music or reading one genre. A couple of clear patterns emerged in my reading this week, so the articles I share will be less broad, but more deep. Enjoy!

Golden State Warriors

To be clear, I am a non-sports person. I play soccer, but I don’t pay attention to the goings-on of pretty much any sport in the college or professional world.

But even I couldn’t escape hearing about Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. They’re the team that’s revolutionizing basketball. The ones who hit 3-pointers more consistently than the entirety of basketball players can hit free throws. They are the much loved and much despised and much copied team of the last year.

If you’re non-sportsy, like me, you’ll probably still enjoy the story behind this team. 

  • The Warriors Have Revolutionized Basketball – Here’s a good start to understanding why the Warriors are important in the basketball world. To me, saying that a team hits a lot of three-pointers isn’t revolutionary. But it changes the whole way they play and that changes the way everyone has to play against them.
  • Steve Kerr, Silently Struggling – The Warriors’ head coach approached his NBA team like a Silicon Valley startup and that strategy has worked so far. But he’s barely coaching anymore.
  • Warriors Surpass Bulls’ Win Record – A good read to understand how remarkably the Warriors are driven and how successful they’ve been.
  • Warriors are the greatest and most likable NBA team ever – A bold opinion that places the Warriors in historical context, both in terms of greatness and likability. The likability factor explains a little of the hero-worship, Warriors-can-do-no-wrong factor that has pervaded the NBA, reporters, fans, and teams alike.


I stumbled upon two separate articles about NPR in my reading this week, which is unusual because NPR is generally the source of news, not the subject of it. I’m a faithful NPR listener (thanks Dad!) and catch the news 3-4 mornings a week. That is, however, pretty unusual for my generation.

  • Can NPR survive the podcast revolution? – Which is, frankly, not just an issue for NPR. It’s the same question that has bothered journalism–can an “unbiased” presentation of news survive the onslaught of blogs and commentators and storified “news” features? I think there’s a place for both, but again, I’m not really representative of the demographic they’re struggling with. I’ve recently started listening to podcasts though, which will likely be the topic of a future blog post.
  • How NPR became an unlikely Hip-Hop force –  [Note: this piece contains some strong language.]  NPR and hip-hop don’t seem like they should go together, but apparently they do. I found this piece fascinating, if a little outside my typical areas of interest.


So, what have you been reading this week? Any comments about NPR and the Warriors? I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Lyse Links: Golden State Warriors, NPR, and podcasts

    • How interesting! I hardly ever see their website because I mostly listen on the radio when I’m driving. Do you find that the articles are useful? Do they actually write out most of the content or just embed the audio?

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