Lyse Links: the most interesting reads this weekend

I got behind on this post for a few weeks, so I have loads of interesting links saved up for you! I’m posting the most cool ones this week, with the more obscure ones to come later. Enjoy!

  • Isn’t “picture this” just a metaphor? This is a note by a man who literally cannot picture things in his head. While that idea itself is fascinating, the value of this piece is the voice of the author. It’s hilarious, insightful, well worth the 15 minute read.
  • What do the first stages of Alzheimer’s feel like? This is an older, quite long read, but it’s worthwhile for seeing a stage of life that we often avoid. The author is a very experienced  reporter, so I relished the sophistication of his style.
  • Why People Pay to Read The New York Times. This is actually where I found the previous article. It’s a good discussion of the place that newspapers hold in a world of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. (I think both of those outlets periodically offer remarkable news stories, but I am an unapologetic supporter of traditional newspapers.)
  • We discovered our parents were Russian spies. If you have not already seen this story, it’s a must-read. Life truly is stranger than fiction–when the FBI raids a house, two brothers find out that their parents are Russian spies and almost nothing they know about their family is true.
  • Are Millennials really the most distracted generation? I think the title speaks for itself.

Did you learn anything interesting? Which story is your favorite?

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