2016 Reading Recap & 2017 Goals

Here’s the final update on my 2016 reading goals! Then I set 2017 goals.

2016 Reading Goals

  • 150 books total.
  • 50,000 pages.
  • 40 non-fiction.
  • 10 classics.
  • 10 books translated into English (excluding those on my “classics” list).
  • 15 books outside my comfort zone.
  • 22 books off my TBR list.


  • Total books: 138
  • Pages: 43, 670
  • Audiobook hours: 114.5
  • 14 non-fiction
  • 0 classics
  • 2 translations
  • 5-6 books outside my comfort zone, depending on how I calculate
  • 6 books from my TBR list

I fell a bit short of my total books read, which makes me sad. But I did meet the page requirements, if you count the audiobook hours, which I am! As you can see, I didn’t make a lot of progress on my other goals, but setting them made me more aware of what I was reading and I think increased those numbers from what they would have been otherwise.

So what about this year?

2017 Reading Goals

I’m going to keep the total goal and try to actually accomplish it. Since page count wasn’t an issue at all, I’m going to bump it to 60,000. I’ll keep most of the other goals as well, with the exception of the “out of my comfort zone” one. I was trying to push myself to read a wider variety of books, but it’s just too subjective a category. In nice list form, it looks like:

  • Total: 150
  • Pages: 60,000
  • 40 non-fiction
  • 10 classics
  • 10 translations
  • 22 books from my TBR list (my current list is at 52, and that’s a pretty limited list)

In addition, I’m adding a few miscellaneous book-related goals.

  • Write 100,000 words on personal projects [books, articles, or blog posts]
    • (I write a lot for my day job, but that’s a completely different category)
  • Post 50 book reviews
    • For me, that’s a pretty aggressive reviewing schedule. But given the number of books I’m reading there’s no reason not to.

I’ve already started my book goals for the year! Today I finished Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies, which was non-fiction and written by a man (I don’t set a goal, but I like to observe my male/female author ratio. It’s usually heavily female.) And this post will count for my first few hundred writing words of the year. 🙂

This weekend is sleety/snowy in our area, so I’m hoping to spend a lot of time cozily writing and reading!

What are your goals for the year? (Bookish or non-bookish. I’m also interested in resolutions!)




10 thoughts on “2016 Reading Recap & 2017 Goals

    • Reading for fun is tough for an English student! I used children’s fiction or YA as a study reward–I’d get caught up/ahead on homework, then spend an entire day just reading. It really helped me relax and stay balanced. 🙂 Good luck with your goals!

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