Book Review: Year of No Clutter


Year of No Clutter
Eve Schaub
Non-fiction (memoir)

Description from publisher

Everyone eats. Everyone sleeps. Everyone accumulates stuff.

The hilarious author of Year of No Sugar, Eve Schaub, returns with her new memoir, Year of No Clutter, to tackle the issue of “things.” Specifically, the 576-square-foot room in her house that is overflowing with stuff she can’t bring herself to throw away, like her fifth grade report card and pieces of plaster wall stuffed in a box.

Year of No Clutter is more than the tale of how one woman organized an entire room in her house that had been filled with pointless items, it’s a deeply inspiring, and frequently hilarious, examination of why we keep stuff in the first place, and how to let it all go.

Thoughts from Me

I didn’t read Year of No Sugar and didn’t know of the author, but when I saw Year of No Clutter on NetGalley, I knew I wanted to read it. I’m a little bit obsessed with reading about organizing and optimizing (which is not to say that I actually do these things) and dealing with a mild hoarding problem seemed like a decent read.

I was in for a surprise. As the publisher claims, Schaub is indeed hilarious and inspiring. Her voice is so clear and so very likable throughout the story. Her vulnerability is endearing and thought-provoking. She perfectly balances introspection, personal history, and detailing the actual work. This book was great, even good enough to distract me from the final book of a fantasy trilogy I’ve been reading.

I normally separate my reviews into pros and cons, but it just didn’t work for this book. I honestly can’t think of any cons. No book is perfect for every person, so it’s possible the Eve’s voice won’t resonate with you or that the topic is completely uninteresting to you, but the book is a great read for anyone.

Available March 7 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and Books-A-Million.

Win a copy!

If you find Year of No Clutter as intriguing as I did, you can enter this Rafflecopter giveaway to win a copy! Good luck!

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