Lyse Links: Night owls, bias, and more sports

In defense of being a night owl: If you’re a night owl, you’ll want to save some of this essay for ammunition. If you’re not a night owl, this is a good way to see a different perspective. I’m not a night owl, but I tested it enough in high school/college to see the draw.
Bias in the ER: This is an excerpt from Michael Lewis’s excellent The Undoing Project. I’m partway through the full book, which is every bit as good as the excerpts teased. Applicable for everyone, but especially interesting if you like psychology and understanding how people make decisions.
Physical Therapists for E-Sports: As e-sports become more and more popular, the surrounding jobs will expand. Some physical therapists are proactively reaching this new market.
The Grey Area of Performance Enhancement: What counts as performance enhancement in shoes? Springs, obviously. But what about a sorta springy plate through the center? Footwear advancements are beyond the current rules.
Running While Female: Everyone should read this. I’m entirely biased, so no more commentary. [Warning: some very suggestive comments printer.]
There Really Was a Liberal Media Bubble: FiveThirtyEight uses stats to analyze issues, which makes their more interesting than most.
Understanding the Angry Mob That Gave Me a Concussion: Thoughts from a professor whose was caught in a mob after she tried to host a conservative speaker. Very balanced, important to read in this time of hot blood and strong emotions.
Why Are So Many Young Adults Living with Their Parents?: Alternative answer to the usual. Couple with…
Escape to Another World: about young adults who aren’t working and are playing a lot of video games. I think the author is more thoughtful than most who talk about the video games issue, but he kinda glosses over the bit about parents supporting their healthy grown children. Also, none of the people he interviews seem to be using their gaming time for work. There are any number of ways to make money as a gamer.
The Most Difficult Hunt (it’s not what you think): I have literally never been hunting, but I read a surprising amount of hunting stories. This one is pretty good. Next time there’s outrage about some big game hunter, this type of background is useful.


I dug through my backlog of stories for good ones that got missed.

An Industrial Designer Might be Apple’s Best Product

Immunity to Change: pair with my (much less credentialed) thoughts on change. In a recent email, Ramit Sethi encouraged being honest about motivations, claiming that “rather than admit what we want, we use canned responses we know are ‘safe’.” That’s something I’ve tried to get better about. For example, a full 33% of my motivation to get up and go to work early is feeling superior to other people. Am I supposed to feel that way? No. But it gets me to my desk at 7:30 AM, and that’s real.

Inside the Booming Business of Adults Who Play with Toys on YouTube

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