Reading Recap: April 2017

2017 Reading Goals | January Recap | March Recap

I am having a great reading year! Feels good to dedicate so much time to my favorite hobby. 🙂

2017 Goals

As a reminder, here are my goals:

  • Total: 150
  • Pages: 60,000
  • 40 non-fiction
  • 10 classics
  • 10 translations
  • 22 books from my TBR list (my current list is at 52, and that’s a pretty limited list)
  • 50 book reviews

Totals Through April

  • 64 books (whopping 18 for the month)
  • 22771 pages
  • 12 nonfiction
  • 1 translation
  • 4 book reviews


So obviously I have some work to do on the second half of my goals. But my total books and nonfiction goals are moving along splendidly.

This month’s genre was definitely YA, especially contemporary YA. I flew through Kody Keplinger (The Duff & Lying Out Loud), The Takedown, Geekerella, My Heart and Other Black Holes, and Holding Up the Universe. I also read a historical fiction, which is pretty unusual. But it was Rae Carson’s Walk On Earth a Stranger, which was spectacular. I finished out the month with a reread of Just Listen, my second-favorite Sarah Dessen book. [Review of my first favorite here.]

What have you been reading? I’d love some recommendations! This month’s genre has yet to assert itself, although I’m 3/5 sci-fi so far. (And I just realized I’m 5/5 averaging a book a day! Maybe I’ll get a second chance at making May a perfect book a day month; in 2016, I was 1 short!)

6 thoughts on “Reading Recap: April 2017

  1. As someone who hasn’t had such a great reading year so far, your dedication and writing inspires me to read more! Glad to hear you’ve pretty much been keeping on track, and I loved seeing that reread of Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, one of her best books in my opinion. Do you have any feelings about her next book coming out? Good luck with reading as you proceed into May, and it’s so great that you’re making time for such an important hobby.

    • Well, you’ve been a bit busy with things other than reading! My senior year of college didn’t include much reading either. (Congratulations again!)

      I’m very excited to have a new Dessen book coming. 🙂 As a habit, I avoid reading a lot *about* individual books, especially before they come out. So all I know is that the main character is a wedding planner. But I appreciate most of Dessen’s writing and I have no reason to think that this next book will disappoint.

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