Announcing: 30/30!



I’m delighted to announce a new feature at Lyse of Llyr: 30/30!

In this inaugural 30/30, I will be posting 30 book reviews in 30 days–one for each day of June. The books cover a huge range–YA, audiobook, ARC, nonfiction, long, short, you name it! 

Why 30/30?

30/30 serves a few purposes. First, it should help me get through my 50 book reviews for the year. I made that daring goal in January, but so far I’ve only posted 3. *shame* Secondly, I’ve read a lot of books this year and there’s absolutely no excuse for not reviewing them. In May alone, I’ve read over 30 books. (More about that in the May reading recap coming soon.) Third (and finally), I needed a new challenge! I’ve always been inconsistent with blog posting, but it’s time to push myself to a higher level.

But wait! There’s more.

You didn’t think I’d stop at just 30 reviews, did you? Here are some of the other elements of 30/30.


I’m cleaning out my (very full) shelves and offering up a mix of books, including hardbacks, softcovers, and ARCs. I’ll post a new giveaway each week.

Twitter chats

I’ll be hosting Twitter chats each week. Topics may range from specific books or authors to reading pet peeves.

Reviews drive

Authors regularly discuss the importance of reviewing their books on retail sites like Amazon, but I’ve been shamefully lax about helping authors this way. For this month, I will posting Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Goodreads reviews in tandem with each of the reviews on my blog. I encourage you to do the same, if you’ve read the book.

In fact, the reviews drive will be the only way to enter the grand prize giveaway:


Share photos of your reviews on Twitter with #Reviews3030 (you can also tag me, I’d love to see them!)

Special Request Review

For the last week of the month, I’ve left a few open spots for special request reviews. If you want to know my thoughts on a specific book, let me know in the comments! I’ll select several to read this month and review right at the end.

That’s all!

I can’t wait to share this exciting event with you all! Check back every day (!!) for a brand new review.

6 thoughts on “Announcing: 30/30!

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