2/30 Book Review: A History of Glitter and Blood

A History of Glitter and Blood
Hannah Moskowitz
YA fantasy

I loved this book a lot and it’s gonna be really hard to say why without giving spoilers. Suffice to say, it’s very original, very different from the usual stuff I see.

Some Plot Sketches

Beckan and her friends are the only fairies who stay in their city when war breaks out between the gnomes and tightropers. Fairies don’t write history, but these teenagers will try.

[Nota bene: I hate synopses (both writing & reading). Check out this review for better plot details, if that’s your thing.]

A Wild Ride

I think with this book more than possibly any I have ever reviewed, you would be served by not knowing much. So I really don’t mind if you leave my blog now and go read it. Come back when you’re done.

But if you want more info…

Here’s the thing. You will not ever know what is going on in this story. You might think that you do. But you don’t. Just like fairies, it is delightfully fickle. But fairies aren’t all glitter. There’s plenty of blood and anger and sex and cursing too. These are teenagers stuck in a war. The feelings are very raw.

Guilt. Love. Friendship. Betrayal. Depression. Fear. Delight. Desire. Obsession. Despair.

They’re all here. And you might not always know who is feeling them.

History of Glitter and Blood is especially great for readers who love story. It deftly explores ideas of how to tell a story and how to portray characters and, well, how to write at all.

This book also touches on politics, race issues, sexuality, age discrimination, mental health, and a host of other issues. Really, I’m not sure there’s anything it leaves out.

Fair Warning

Moskowitz doesn’t hold back. If you have an issue with cursing or sex or violence, you’ll have an issue with this book.


A History of Glitter and Blood is the perfect read for a book slump, any time you’re feeling like nothing original has been written, or you just really need an excellent story. (And it’s $1.99 on Kindle right now!)

[Housekeeping note: Don’t forget that you can review A History of Glitter and Blood or any of Hannah Moskowitz’s other books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and/or Goodreads for a chance at the preorder giveaway. Check out the details.]

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