May 2017 Reading Recap

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How can I review 30 books in 30 days? Because I have read and not reviewed a mountain of books this year. In May of last year, coming off my first year of grad school and a reading drought, I devoured 30 books. Which, to be fair, is a very respectable number. But this year I really wanted the satisfaction of hitting one book for every day of the month of May. Did I do it? First, let’s review my goals…

2017 Goals

  • Total books read: 150
  • Pages: 60,000
  • 40 non-fiction
  • 10 classics
  • 10 translations
  • 22 books from my TBR list (my current list is at 52, and that’s a pretty limited list)
  • 50 book reviews

Totals through May

  • 97 books (that’s 33 books for the month)
  • 32,964 pages (up 10k in 1 month!)
    • +37 hours of audiobooks for the year
  • 22 non-fiction (10 for the month)
  • 1 translation
  • 1 book from my TBR


Whew. Not gonna lie, it was a whirlwind month. Down toward the end, I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it. But I’d say my first two goals are well on their way.

I read quite a variety of genres, which I think really is the only way to handle that many books in such a short period. Switching topics and genres kept me interested. I finished some really astonishing books, but I’ll review most of them in 30/30 and I don’t want to give up the secret here!

June will probably be a much lighter reading month as I focus on writing, traveling, and running. Possibly I’ll try to focus on reading some of the slower books, the long or thought-provoking ones I put off during May.

What did you read this month? Have you ever read 30 books in a month? Or more??

6 thoughts on “May 2017 Reading Recap

    • It’s quite extreme! I don’t always read that many in a month!! 12-15 is a much more normal range for me. 🙂 I’ll probably read even less this month as a sort of rebound.

  1. Wow, 30 books is indeed a very respectable number! And here I am, proud of my 13 this May xD haha… And that’s my top reading speed. Although I have to say, some of them are 800 page monsters, meh. I wonder how many pages? Says, only 4500. How is that so little? :0 I read 500 words per minute too. What’s the deal here xD

    • As I feel like I should reiterate, this is NOT normal for me! 13 would have been a very good month for me most of the time! And I definitely was reading some books that were shorter or easier. I couldn’t get through 33 long or heavy ones in a month!

      500 wpm is a LOT! Wow. I should check my reading speed…

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