5/30: NetGalley Reviews

I meant to post this yesterday, but I jumped straight from BookCon into work Monday morning and I was overwhelmed! I’ve posted several shorter reviews for NetGalley books, so here’s a little grouping.

How to Make a French Family
This is a wonderful story of adjusting to change, trying new things, and developing family. The recipes sound delicious and don’t take up too much of the book. If you’re not a food person, you can enjoy the story without missing much at all. The author balances the book perfectly, showing just enough of her family and her feelings to draw you in, but not exposing too much private information or dwelling too long on the hard things. She manages to convey depth of negative feelings with wallowing, which is a pretty remarkable feat for a memoir.

It’s All Absolutely Fine
It’s All Absolutely Fine feels like a great commiseration session with someone who is going through hard things like the hard things in your life. Ruby is honest about her struggles without being

overly detailed and hopeful without being annoying. Her drawings are whimsical and relatable, filled with characters that don’t always make sense, but seem to fit the world inside her head.

Highly recommended for those who have struggled with eating disorders, depression, severe procrastination, or just adulting.

Sleepless Nights and Kisses for Breakfast
This is a beautiful, funny, and heart-warming picture of family life. Matteo is funny without being acerbic and sentimental without being maudlin. Excellent read for anyone.

The Sound of the World by Heart
This book is a thoughtful, beautiful rumination on pain, love, chance, and New York City. It delivers a lot to consider and rewards multiple readings.

30/30 Updates

  • Preorder Giveaway! What’s more fun than knowing that you’ll get a top book the day it releases? For chances to win a preorder of your choice, post Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads reviews of any books by the authors featured in 30/30. Post a photo on Twitter with #Reviews3030 or email me at ytbellereads AT gmail.com.
  • First week giveaway! I’ll be announcing weekly giveaways on Twitter, so follow @belle_reads to keep up! I might have grabbed some especially exciting ARCs at BookCon. šŸ˜‰

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