25/30 Mini-Review: Childhood Favorites

I decided to revisit some childhood favorites today with mini-reviews! Maybe this will inspire you to check out some of these older books. They rather neatly cover a variety of genres, so you have flexible options!

A Little Princess
This was my first favorite read, a book that I remember devouring on the couch while my family did something else. (I was little, I don’t remember all the fine details.) I have no idea how many times I read this book, but I do have very strong feelings about the various film iterations (happy to argue this in the comments).

Why did I love it so much? Well, as a non-Disney family, A Little Princess was one of my earliest fairy tales. As a child, I liked to think that I shared some personality traits with Sara, a voracious reader and strong-willed child. I would be curious to know how the book reads with today’s children.

The Lioness and Her Knight
First, The Squire’s Tales is an excellent series. Gerald Morris has a skill for adapting the Arthurian legends. But The Lioness and Her Knight is my favorite, very closely followed by the preceding book, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf. These books are hilarious, delightfully sarcastic, and wonderful reads across many ages. They can easily pass for middle grade (with only very minimal hint at sex themes) and are still enjoyable as an adult.

The Rope Trick
Lloyd Alexander is my favorite. Obviousllyr. (Bad pun? Bad pun.) But my favorite single Alexander book* actually isn’t from the Prydain Chronicles. It’s The Rope Trick, a romping caravan adventure with characteristic Alexander thoughtfulness. And it includes a romantic scene that rivals my absolute favorite romance scene ever (it’s from a classic, any guesses which one?)

*The Gawgon and the Boy is a close contender, as is The Arkadians.

The Dragonback Adventures
Timothy Zahn’s adult sci-fi is wonderful, but I started off with his Dragonback series, which remains one of my favorite sci-fi series of all time. An intro:

Orphaned at the age of three, brought up by his Uncle Virgil, a con man, Jack Morgan has done things that are unusual even in the future in space. But when he rescued Draycos, a dragon-like symbiont, from certain death, his life became a series of breathtaking adventures. With the help of Draycos, who can leap onto Jack’s back and become what looks like a tattoo, Jack has been doing everything he can to find out who ambushed the scout-fleet of Draycos’s people, the K’da and Shontine, leaving Draycos the sole survivor.

Again, this is a series that deftly straddles middle grade and YA, but can probably be enjoyed well into adulthood.

Your Thoughts?

There you have it! Some of my absolute favorite books from childhood. Do you still reread some childhood favorites? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “25/30 Mini-Review: Childhood Favorites

  1. I don’t think I read any of those. My favorites as a child were The Little House on the Prairie books, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. And now I’ve just dated myself… 😁

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