June 2017 Reading Recap

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2017 Goals

  • Total books read: 150
  • Pages: 60,000
  • 40 non-fiction
  • 10 classics
  • 10 translations
  • 22 books from my TBR list (my current list is at 52, and that’s a pretty limited list)
  • 50 book reviews

Totals through June

  • 110 (13 in June)
  • 37411 pages
  • 22 non-fiction
  • 1 translation
  • 1 book from my TBR
  • 33 reviews!


Between the 33 books I read in May and the 30 reviews I published in June, I was pretty well booked out. I did manage to read and review 4 ARCs, so I feel good about that. My June reads included:




I also had the joy of attending BookCon this June. The lovely Chelsea Kuehler shared some tickets with me* and we met in NYC for a WHIRLWIND trip. I’ve never been to NYC, so I was incredibly excited about that, in addition to all of the bookish loveliness. I saw so many lovely authors and managed to snag some amazing ARCs, so it was quite a successful trip.

*Funny story about this: Chelsea texted me the news of our tickets while I was out on a really tough 9 mile run. It gave me some motivation to get through the plodding miles at the end. 😀

awkward selfie in Times Square

the oh-so-gracious Eric Smith

Krysten Ritter

Times Square non-selfie

June 30/30 Challenge

I published 30 book reviews in June! I did not do a great job of sticking to a schedule (sorry for spamming notifications, if you get those), but I did publish them all! I really enjoyed it, so I think I’ll have to schedule more events. There’s still a giveaway happening on Twitter, if you’re interested in that.

What did you all think? Would you like to see more events? Was it too much? I want to know what you think!

That’s a Wrap on June

Summer life!

I just love June. Summer is my favorite and this has been a good start to summer. I’ve spent lots of time reading, writing, and being outside. That’s a good start to happiness for me. 🙂

How was your June, reading wise or otherwise? Take a sec to let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “June 2017 Reading Recap

  1. My June was far too quick. Can’t believe it’s already July!

    I enjoyed reading your reviews. Glad you were able to get to Book Con. I went to Book Expo last year in Chicago but couldn’t go this year, even though I was in New York City until the day before it started. Was sorry to miss it.

  2. I read 3 books (1 for school), 3 ARCs, 1 graphic novel, and 1 novella in June. Not as many as I had hoped to read, but I think it has been my highest reading month so far this year (yikes :/).

    -Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger [@Bibliophile012]

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