Lyse Links: Con men, curses, and cavemen

Buckle up. Today’s line-up is a RIDE.
Toronto’s Classiest Con Man — Con men (and women) manipulate social norms to their benefit. It’s good to know how they work, because there’s always a chance you’ll be on the receiving end of a con.

There’s No Money in Internet Culture — some websites present a unique problem. They’re extremely popular, but they don’t make money. Can they survive?
Are you a self-interrupter? — I definitely am, but I’m trying to break myself. Also, I’m not fully convinced that self-interruption is *always* bad.
Curse of the second-born is real — I’m a third child and while I do think we’re more likely to get in trouble, we have some redeeming qualities. Like, um….crippling depression, infinite procrastination, perpetual existential crises?
Professor Caveman — This professor gets paid to teach university students about primal skills. I’m not against that, but I do think this quote is telling:
“She grounds me in the realities of modern life,” Schindler says. “If there is a glitch with my computer, I break down. I mean I literally mentally cannot handle it. Christina saves me.”
If you have to choose between functioning in “caveman” times or now, pick the times you actually live in.
My Year at GitHub — There’s a lot going on in this essay that I won’t begin to address. But the author’s descriptions of feedback on her communication stuck with me. As a woman who has been repeatedly reprimanded for too forceful or seemingly rude communication, I understand the author’s confusion and dismay. Here’s my plea to managers: understand that your employees/coworkers will have different communications styles. That doesn’t necessarily mean something’s wrong with them. Please make genuine attempts to facilitate communication. Communication DOES NOT mean confining everyone to the same communication style. People can be taught to interpret someone’s style as easily as that person can be taught to change style.
Crusade to Save Children Lands Hacker in Prison — should hackers be punished when their work results in good? I’m not an expert on the laws discussed in this article, but I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of sanctioning hacking. That’s extremely close to vigilante justice.
Designer’s Guide to Selecting Colors — this includes really helpful tips and resources for color-picking. It’s always good to know a little more about design.
So this one time at a journalism conference — this article is primarily about insulation and representation in journalism. The writer, a female journalist, is married to a man who drives garbage trucks for a living. As the professional writer married to a college dropout construction worker/factory manager, I’m keenly aware of class issues that transcend money.
The Importance of Wasting Time — Maybe your circles don’t idolize productivity as much as mine, but I wish I could make everyone read this. I’m trying to work more intentional “wasted time” into my life.
Leave a thought about one article in the comments. Thanks for sharing your weekend with me.

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