Lyse Links: Secrets, Sharapova, and Slam Poetry

How’s your weekend going? Maybe it will be better with the perfect mix of funny, informative, and intriguing long reads. Here’s the best of what I’ve read recently.

The Age of Attention-Deficits — This is a great look at how technology is designed to create addictions. Mixing humor and science, the author lays out the distracted patterns of our tech obsession. Follow up with her article about living better and actually TRY some her recommendations. It’s surprisingly difficult to moderate or break a notification addiction.

Secret of the Subconscious — do you consciously leverage your subconscious? I’ve implemented specific habits to make use of the powerful subconscious. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried anything similar.
The Reselling of Maria Sharapova — it seems that most successful people have the ability reinvent themselves constantly. Tennis great Maria Sharapova is no exception. This profile is a fascinating look at the powerful images that drive the sports world.
The game that’s transforming economics, psychology, and social science — This is a combo human(ity) interest story and peek into the complex behind-the-scenes politics of the academic world. A must-read if you’re at all interested in how the human brain works.
Slam Poetry in the Deaf Community — Sign language is a wonderful example of one of my favorite concepts–communication is not code. Signs are not direct translations of verbal words.
Ridloff prefers not to have his work translated into English. “The beauty is lost,” he said. “Think of music. If a song had its lyrics removed but the melody remains, the mood is still there, but something is lost. Or if the melody is removed but the lyrics remain, sometimes the song no longer makes sense.”
Stop Trying to Fix Your Partner’s Feelings — This is written for romantic relationships, but the concept is vital for all human interaction. Read this piece and spend a few minutes contemplating this shift that could transform your relationships.
Everybody Lies: Google Reveals Dark Secrets — the author of this article/research is pretty clear about his agenda and biases, but the idea behind his work is intriguing. How can anonymized Internet data be leveraged to supplement often faulty self-reported data? Humans will lie to themselves and to each other, but they’re unfailingly honest to the search bar.
Death Row Convict’s Last Words Set Two Men Free — a long read about the complexities of a gang-dominated culture and two men’s struggle with a wrongful conviction. Note: some strong language and graphic descriptions, most in source quotes or court records.


What’s your favorite? Thoughts on any of the stories? Let me know in the comments!

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