Lyse Links: Hobbies, heels, and how to

How’s your weekend going? I’m hunkered down waiting for a hurricane to slam my state, so I’ve got loads of time to share fun reads with you!! (Those are mostly sarcastic marks, but I do like sharing good stuff with you.) 

Exercise can help you learn a new language — exercise aiding learning isn’t a new concept, but this is a new study!
My dentist’s murder trial — this bizarre story could have been produced by telenovela writers.
High Heel Heaven — I’m not much a fan of heels or high fashion, but this is an enlightening peek at both.
Killer Hobbies — as life becomes safer, are we seeking more danger?
Why do Americans fall for cons? — if you’re frustrated with fake news shared on Facebook, here’s a theory of where it’s coming from.
You don’t have to be a mongoose — presented without comment.
How to do nothing — very long, pretty dense, well worth the read.

Share some funny, inspiring, or thought-provoking reads in the comments. I could use them.

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