Lyse Links: Quarterback, kung fu, and concussions


A thing I love about reading so much: the ideas interact and twine together, sometimes creating new ideas. Here are some of my recent favorites. 


Aren’t the best stories usually about people? I think so.

The Search for Aaron Rodgers — what more is there to life than being a Super Bowl-winning quarterback?

Satya Nadella is Rewriting Microsoft’s Code — I don’t pay much attention to tech, but I’m fascinated by the power of Silicon Valley CEOs to reshape their companies. Nadella represents a dramatic change for Microsoft.

Jackie Chan — I’m not much of a “kung fu” fan, but Jackie Chan looms large in our collective imagination. This profile is a fascinating look at a star who has managed to encompass both American and Asian success.

What’s happened to Myanmar’s human rights icon? — With the news of horrific ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, many people are wondering how the country’s leader, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, could let this happen.

The German schoolboy jailed for writing the BBC — During the Cold War, the BBC ran a program with anonymous letters from behind the wall. It’s a fascinating example of communication used to undermine an oppressive regime.


The great nutrient collapse — The base nutrients in our food are changing. This idea is one of the most fascinating science revelations I’ve read in ages.

Essential Oils: Medicine or Marketing? — I’m a marketer by trade and a barely-there dabbler in essential oils, so this was right up my alley. If your Facebook feed is as cluttered as mine with friends and old classmates trying to sell you the latest and greatest aromatherapy, you’ll want to read this.

Can sports change how we treat trauma? — Recovery from trauma–physical or emotional–is an uncertain science, but groups like this softball team give us more insight into what can help.

Concussion Diary — My husband had a relatively minor concussion last year. The symptoms persisted for weeks and popped up at odd times. This is good to read especially if you’re interested in the continuing role of concussions in sports, but also if you’re human, because this is a surprisingly common brain injury.

The loneliness epidemic — Pair with “Happiness is other people.” My life has become increasingly isolated–working from home, moved away from family–and I’m more aware now of how instrumental human interaction is. Interested in your experiences with this and also thoughts on how to combat isolation.

Sleep should be prescribed — Regular blog readers are probably tired of this refrain, but here’s new research on the importance of sleep. Read it, please.


What do you think? Comments are open.

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