Monday Musings: Trust the Experience

patrick-hendry-396279Are you craving dirt? 

It’s a silly question, I know. But I hear these stories about how people crave dirt because their bodies lack key nutrients. And there’s this lesson in there about how our bodies know what we need and we should just trust our cravings.

But if you’re craving dirt, things have gone way too far. So how do you give yourself what you need before your body hits the EMERGENCY button?

Know what you need and do it. 

Here’s what happens. I know that I need to be outside. I crave sunlight and wind and beautiful scenery. So I’ve built the outdoors into my routine. I try to go out and watch the sun rise most mornings. I try to hit the trails a few times a week.

But, inevitably, I think, “I feel ok, I don’t need to do this.” Just this week, I skipped my morning routine a few times to focus on work I thought was more important.

I got the work done. Then I got to the end of the week feeling tense and out of sorts.

So here’s your Monday reminder to trust the experience. Know what you need on a daily/weekly basis. Then do those things and trust the experience to give you what you need, even when you don’t think you need it. We have routines because in a more insightful moment, we knew what was good for us.

Trust that knowledge. Trust the experience. 

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