I wanted to start the new year with a series of posts reflecting on 2017. It was a good year, an eventful year. I moved; traveled; took up running; tried a multitude of new activities; blew past my reading goals; nearly doubled my blog views; grew immeasurably. I wanted to share those accomplishments with you and talk about the future (including my plans to go on hiatus).

2 things got in the way of that:

  1. I’ve been wholly consumed with tackling my 2018 projects and beginning the year as I mean to go on.
  2. I was blindsided by a family tragedy this week.

For my mental health and the success of my degree and career, I’m immediately limiting my online consumption and focusing on “real life.” I’ve included some of my original writing about my already-planned hiatus below.


My reflections on 2017 and goal-setting for 2018 revealed an important theme: I need to focus this year.

I’m in the throes of what I’ve dubbed Project FREEDOM–the final rush of requirements to finish my master’s program and escape academia. I have bills to pay. A career to build. A book to write.

To do those things, something has to go. Exercise can’t go. Reading can’t go. My job can’t go.

So the blog has to be one of the things I drop for now. That was a hard decision to make, especially on the heels of 2 years with the most traffic I’ve seen. I’m terrified that I’ll never grow back to that. Or at least that I’m throwing it away by not capitalizing on it.

But I need to make the hard prioritizing choices. I need to finish this degree. I need to get settled so that I have the freedom to explore my art and passions more. So I’m going on hiatus here and on Twitter until at least June. I should be done with my degree then, and I’ll evaluate whether I can come back.

Until Then

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoy my old writing and, if so, that you follow to be notified when I come back. In the meantime, I recommend a few blogger friends:

To my wonderful followers: thank you for joining me on this journey. Blogging has been a joy in my life for 6 years now. I can’t wait to come back and give you the attention you deserve.

Authors/Publishers: I will not be taking books for review until I return. I appreciate your thinking of me, and encourage you to contact one of the bloggers I listed above.

Take care.




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