Lyse Links: Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day, and welcome to the return of Lyse Links! Have I mentioned that this is my favorite thing to write? I’ve missed it terribly. So here are my best articles for this long weekend. Let them distract, inspire, and refresh you.


Can You Say…Hero? This has been the year of Mister Rogers. Of documentaries and articles and reminisces. I have no Mister Rogers to reminisce. But this article piqued my interest months ago, and then I watched several of his shows, trying to not cry my eyes out on the couch with my tiny spellbound nieces. A snippet of this exquisite article from 1998: 

He is losing, of course. The revolution he started—a half hour a day, five days a week—it wasn’t enough, it didn’t spread, and so, forced to fight his battles alone, Mister Rogers is losing, as we all are losing. He is losing to it, to our twenty-four-hour-a-day pie fight, to the dizzying cut and the disorienting edit, to the message of fragmentation, to the flicker and pulse and shudder and strobe, to the constant, hivey drone of the electroculture…and yet still he fights, deathly afraid that the medium he chose is consuming the very things he tried to protect: childhood and silence.


How to spot a perfect fake: the world’s top art forgery detective — The cat and mouse aura of art forgery and collection is fascinating to me. A common source of tension in this age is between the connoisseurs and scientists. The “experts” are less and less reliable on the authenticity of a piece, which leads to jaw-dropping lines like this:

During the Knoedler trial, Cahill remembered, one expert admitted that he couldn’t tell one Rothko canvas from another, or indeed whether a Rothko had been hung upside-down or right side up.


Why Didn’t They Talk to You Privately? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why someone would publicly air a problem with you or your organization instead of solving it in private, this is a good read. It’s more than 2 years old, but extremely relevant. An insightful segment:

Asking someone to settle issues with you privately isn’t just asking them to help you save face. It’s asking them to trust that you’ll treat them with respect and dignity, and take their concerns seriously. That you won’t gaslight them, or promise to change only to hurt them again. You’re asking them to have this trust while at the same time refusing to put up your reputation as collateral.

Let’s follow up that thought-starter with a little bit about cults, hmm?

NXIVM — A Cult That Brands Women — And that’s a burning brand, not a fun marketing spin.

Cult or Brand? A Goop/Gwyneth Paltrow Profile — Not interested in Goop or GP? I wasn’t either. But this profile is a work of genius, and well worth a read.

I thought about the word “aspiration,” how to aspire seems so noble, but how aspiration is always infused with a kind of suffering, and I smoked another cigarette.

Female Lawyers Face Sexism in the Courtroom — This article begins with a story about a defense attorney filing a motion to “preclude emotional displays” by the other lawyer on the case, a woman. Women, tell me, if you would, in the comments, whether you’ve been accused of being too emotional in a professional setting.


Mapping Political Divides — The political divide in the USA isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. These detailed maps show a more nuanced picture.


Comments appreciated 🙂


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