What are you listening to?

I listen to music a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m especially interested in music–despite many years of piano lessons and a mostly musical family, I’m only tangentially conversant in it. But I listen constantly. While I’m writing, while I read, while I bike, while I run. I use Pandora almost exclusively. I like cultivating stations with specific music for different purposes.

My first (and so far only) OTSP secret sister introduced me to the most new music I’ve listened to in a long time. She mentioned Sea Wolf as one of her favorite bands, so I created a Pandora station and listened away. In the year since, I’ve listened to 152 hours of that station. (That’s more than I listened to any other stations except my working music [Audiomachine. Excellent for focus. 900+ hours].)

I’ve discovered that I like Sea Wolf and related music a lot. And that I like discovering new-to-me music. It makes me think, and prompts my creativity. But I have yet find a good way to add new music to my life regularly.

So I turn to you. What are your favorite artists, songs, albums, or Pandora stations? I’ll give them a listen.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • It Comes and Goes (in Waves) — Greg Laswell
  • Stay Alive — Jose Gonzalez
  • Sleeping at Last
  • James Arthur
  • Something Just Like This — The Chainsmokers & Coldplay


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