Seasons Changing


A stunning number of my photos are just about the sun

Are you looking forward to the seasons changing? (It is not fall for another 2 weeks)

I’m not. Summer is the only season I like at all. I can vaguely appreciate the joys of the other seasons, but I would be happy with eternal summer for a very, very long time. I revel in sun and heat and long days.

So this Sea Wolf song (Seasons Changing) has me thinking:

I feel that darkness at my back
That’s why I’m always rearranging
And looking forward to the seasons changing

And I’m still looking forward
Yeah I’m still looking forward

I feel the darkness at my back a lot. Does that mean I should be excited about the seasons changing? Embrace the opportunity to reset things?

I don’t think I need seasons for that. I change things in my life a lot–little things, like what I eat. Big things, like my job. I’m always chasing new opportunities, new places to explore, new music to listen to, new things to read, new things to do. Rearranging my life to push back the darkness. Constantly moving to still the gnawing boredom, ambition, and fear in my brain.

But it’s not tied to the seasons. In fact, that’s why summer is my favorite. It keeps the darkness off my back, literally and figuratively.

What about you? Do you relish changing seasons? Which season speaks to your soul?

2 thoughts on “Seasons Changing

  1. I do like the changing of seasons, particularly when it’s time for autumn and spring. It’s probably my neurological build up, but during those times I am at my best. It’s just easier to… ‘be’ xD also, I just really love the autumn. I know it’s totally different where you are, and you might not be able to relate, but it’s so lovely and orange here, and you get to wear nice warm clothes – and yet, it’s not cold enough so you have to suffer all the time. It’s dark in the evenings, but not dark yet during the whole day (during winter, the sun sets at like 4 here. it’s brutal xD)… Anyway, I do love the autumn so much 🙂

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