Book Review: Not If I Save You First

v7845_notifisaveyo_4cc-683x1024Not If I Save You First
Ally Carter

Publisher Summary

Maddie thought she and Logan would be friends forever. But when your dad is a Secret Service agent and your best friend is the president’s son, sometimes life has other plans.

Before she knows it, Maddie’s dad is dragging her to a cabin in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and into a totally different life.

No phone.
No Internet.
And not a single word from Logan.
Maddie tells herself it’s okay. After all, she’s the most popular girl for twenty miles in any direction. (She’s also the only girl for twenty miles in any direction.) She has wood to cut and weapons to bedazzle. Her life is full.

Until Logan shows up six years later . . .
And Maddie wants to kill him.
But before that can happen, an assailant appears out of nowhere, knocking Maddie down a cliff and dragging Logan to some unknown fate. Maddie knows she could turn back and get help. But the weather is turning and the terrain will only get more treacherous, the animals more deadly.

Maddie still really wants to kill Logan. But she has to save him first.


This book is a delight. You know those days you have that are stressful and exhausting and maybe your depression is acting up and nothing is interesting to you? Those days when you just want to curl up with a fluff of a book that’s going to make you smile and feel like the world has realigned a little? This is a book for those days.

I mean, a fluff of a book with a kidnapping, scary Russian mobsters, and lots of blood. 😉

Here’s something I like: this is, first and foremost, a friendship story. It’s about all the ways we try to protect ourselves and end up hurting others. It’s about growing up. About learning to be emotionally honest.

And also about surviving the Alaskan wilderness + deadly Russian mobsters.

I love Maddie’s grit. I love Logan’s dedication to her. Maddie is everything I want out of a badass girl. Her external badassness is learned, a necessary survival skill in an environment she didn’t choose for herself. But her internal grit–the way she’s true to the people she loves, the way she refuses to give up her own personality, the way she uses and abuses misogyny to survive–well, that’s breathtaking.

This is everything I want from an Ally Carter book, and I think she’s gotten even better from her previous ones. Highly recommended.

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