Lyse Links: Mafia, Marriage, and Media

Welcome to the weekend! You made it! Reset. Refresh. Reward yourself with some great reading!

Old and new, here are some of my favorite reads.


Why the Arrested Development Interview is so Bad
On the surface, this whole incident doesn’t seem so bad: two co-stars have a disagreement, things get heated, one yells at the other, everyone apologizes afterward, they go on.

But, of course, it’s not simple. The discussion around Jeffrey Tambor’s behavior on-set is bigger than just one disagreement, and the interview where the entire cast discusses his disagreement with Jessica Walter is a study in gender differences at work. In this opinion piece, Linda Holmes effectively answers the question “Why this story?” Or, to be more direct, “Why does this matter?”

This Moment Isn’t (Just) About Sex
A must-read.

What makes women vulnerable is not their carnal violability, but rather the way that their worth has been understood as fundamentally erotic, ornamental; that they have not been taken seriously as equalsthat they have been treated as some ancillary reward that comes with the kinds of power men are taught to reach for and are valued for achieving.

The Women Who Took On the Mafia
From work to family. A fascinating piece about the women in law enforcement who were determined to take the Mafia down and the women in the Mafia who risked everything to make it happen.


Every Successful Relationship is Successful for the Same Reasons
This author surveyed ~1,500 people on lessons about marriage. In the responses, he found the same themes repeated over and over. He pulled out 13 pieces of core advice. This is a long read, with lots of examples and quotes from his respondents, but well worth the read.


How Netflix Personalizes Artwork
I’ve wondered before about the artwork on Netflix changed, so I was delighted to run across this piece in my reading. It does change, and there’s a lot of intent behind what you see.

On Set with the Creator of Jane the Virgin
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “Jane the Virgin,” so it’s great to learn more about one of the brilliant minds behind it. The over-the-top telenovela style of the show makes it easy to dismiss, but it’s actually brilliant. I think a lot of people are missing out!

What Makes “The Good Place” So Good?
Isn’t that what everyone is asking? “The Good Place” is a genius reinvention of sitcom that perfectly showcases what creative, intelligent people can produce when given a little freedom. It’s absolutely required watching.

And while it’s a seemingly fluffy show, with bright colors, obvious physical gags, and quick comebacks, it’s actually a rumination on philosophy, a 22-minute grappling with who we are, how we treat each other, and what it means to be “good” or “bad.”


Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong
As a society, we are horribly anti-fat, often to the point of being hateful and cruel. I encourage you to read this enlightening story, which combines research and personal anecdotes to reveal our many myths and biases around obesity.

If this gets you thinking, I also recommend Your Fat Friend on Twitter or her blog.

Talk to me!

What are you reading? What are you thinking about? Which stories did you like? Tell me in the comments. I read every one!

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