Lyse Links: Misfits, marriage, and meritocracy

Hello, happy weekend, here are the articles that make me think.


Vacation is a poor substitute for leisure — and leisure is increasingly a luxury, but for the good of humanity and also your blood pressure, it shouldn’t be. If you get tired of being sold productivity and creativity hacks like “be nice to people” or “eat lunch away from your desk,” you may enjoy this article.

The First Lesson of Marriage 101 — what do we teach people if we want them to have healthy marriages/relationships? One university has tackled this exact issue by offering a Marriage 101 class. The article claims “At first glance this class may seem a tad too frivolous for a major research university.” But we see the wounds from failed relationships all around us, so I think we can agree that learning how to love each other better is a worthwhile pursuit.


What’s all this about journaling? — you can hardly turn around on the Internet without hearing about someone’s bullet journal, or how journaling is part of their miracle morning routine, or how it leads to world peace. So I was reluctant to share this article. But the thing is, journaling has been amazing for me too. And science says it’s good for a lot of people. And maybe one of those people will be you. I can’t keep something good away from you, can I?
My advice — more succinct and less official than the article’s — is to not overthink journaling. Put words down semi-regularly. That’s all. I maintain a digital journal (nearly 100 pages now) for some topics, and a physical one for most others. I actually use my paper journal while I read through the articles that ultimately become Lyse Links posts, and I take notes about what they make me think and feel.
Cop fired for *not* shooting someone — this is a really fascinating story. It’s also a thought-provoking look at how police forces function.
A belief in meritocracy is bad for you — you know we don’t live in a meritocracy, right? RIGHT?  This idea layers well with some of my thoughts about failure, and also provides a good jumping off point for thinking about your own privilege.
The creative power of misfits — I’ve mostly stopped consuming business-focused content, but this article — which I think is a transcript of a podcast — is really useful to think about. It fit nicely with some of my own thoughts and –let’s be honest– pet peeves about business leadership. For example:

BEN: One of the phrases that really makes me angry is when senior leaders say, “If you have a problem, don’t tell it to me unless you have a solution.” Oftentimes junior people have lots of problems they don’t know the solutions to, and they need guidance. This is untapped energy just waiting to be unleashed.


Thanks for reading! Did something here make you think? Did it send you down a rabbit hole of research? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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