Tired Legs, Peaceful Mind (part 2)

(ICYMI: Tired Legs, Peaceful Mind (part 1))

My Run Affecting My Mind

I’ll be honest, this part is a little harder to nail down, but I’ve noticed a few general changes.

Full Range of Emotions

For me, a balance of variety and stability in life is vital to functioning well. Too much variety and I’m out of sorts. Too much stability and I become Continue reading

Tired Legs, Peaceful Mind

(ICYMI: The introduction to my running journey: Tired Legs, Happy Heart.)

My 10k training program* has dramatically improved my fitness already, but I’m starting to notice mental benefits too. Elite athletes care a lot about the mental aspects of their sports, but the rest of us focus more on the physical gains we can make. My mind comes into the running game in 2 ways:

  1. my mind affecting my run
  2. my running affecting my mind in the rest of life

I was going to address both in this post, but this is already¬†1000 words long and I decided that you’re very nice to read my posts and I shouldn’t push my luck. So today we’ll just hit Part 1: My Mind Affecting My Run. Part 2 coming later this week.

*very informal, loosely based on a free program available from Hal Higdon.

My Mind Affecting My Run

All sports are mental, certainly, but running has some unique challenges. For one, it’s not a team sport and your practice times aren’t scheduled (unless you work with a partner). So you have to motivate yourself to run, no help from your team. Then, there are no external Continue reading

Tired Legs, Happy Heart

I have always been a runner.

I was a runner when I played soccer. I was a runner when crazy waves of restlessness hit. I was a runner when I was so angry my body felt like it was flying to pieces.

I was a runner when the air was warm. I was a runner when I had a dog. I was a runner when everyone else was safe at home.

But I was never a consistent runner. Months could go between runs. I never ran very far. I ran a 5k race three years in a row, but never trained.

Last year I ran 3 5ks as part of my New Year’s resolution/goal. But I didn’t train much for those either.

This year I decided to train. I’m running a 10k in April. 6+ miles is farther than I can get up and run without some prep. At least, farther than I can run without embarrassing myself.

So I looked up a training program, read a few books, and started. Continue reading