How to Make New Year’s Resolutions: A Guide for People Who Hate Resolutions

8tjbrqgkfyu-david-marcuI have, for the first time ever, kept the New Year’s resolution I made. You can too.

If you’re one of those mythical unicorns who makes resolutions every year and keeps them, just stop reading. This isn’t for you. [But email me, ok? Because I’ve never met anyone like you.]

But if you’re like pre-2016 me and make resolutions you never keep or quit making them altogether because you know you won’t keep them, then I’m talking to you.

The Problem with Most Resolutions

Most resolutions fall into one of two categories.

  1. The Habit.
  2. The Virtue.

And resolutions in these two categories do not work for me and probably not for you, if you’re still reading. So let’s break down why. Continue reading

Barnes & Noble’s has a problem and it’s not Amazon

I’ve been a life-long Barnes & Noble’s fan. I pay for a Membership. I have a Nook. I spent a huge portion of my teen years in my local B&N. I order, pre-order, and physically buy dozens of books and e-books from them every year.

I’ve never had to talk to their customer service. Until this last week. And it was awful.

This isn’t a B&N bashing post, so I won’t go into all the gritty details of what happened. But I’m going to list my grievances, because these are fixable things. Continue reading